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Having the perfect steam shower
10.09.2014 00:00

significant number of folks have already realized the advantages of placing a steam shower in the home and have thus gone out, acquired and had them installed. One of the largest issues however is that getting a ready steam shower and just fitting it in your place can truly leave a massive dent on one's budget.  As with many other do it yourself projects, conceptualizing and fitting your own steam shower costs significantly less than the other option of paying someone else to do it for you. That is why several people have now got into the fad of designing their own steam showers.

steam shower together with whirlpool bath

The first thing that you need to do is identify the dimensions of the steam unit that you want to setup in the bathroom. Take a measurement of the shower and don't overlook the required extra space needed based on how you install it in the bathroom.  Change this measurement into cubic feet (height x width x depth). 25% of the cubic measurement should be added to the outer walls and 30% to the glass walls. One could add 25% to the height as well.  The figures that arise will be the best suited size for the steam shower you must buy.

The subsequent thing that one needs to do is select the materials that one is going to require for the shower.  You must go for components that are not porous so that the steam doesn't spread thru them.  Glazed ceramic tiles or porcelain would definitely work wonders.

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The next thing that one needs to do is to come up with a seat design that will go along with the style of the shower itself. It can either be permanent seating or detachable seats according to your preference.  If you don't have tons of space then the foldable seats usually made of teak are an excellent option as they give you more space when you want to take a typical shower.

The next move is to determine the operating controls of the steam shower.   You can go for an affordable standard timer or you can spend a little more and buy an advanced panel which could be placed on the outside and inside of the shower cabin area. Picking the functions that these controls incorporate and can control will be your call as you can absolutely personalize them.  You can also take your time to ensure that they complement the rest of the theme of your shower.

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The next thing that you have to do is to buy and mount a shower door which comes with a venting transom.  The steam shower enclosure must be entirely sealed off when you shut the door enabling the steam to build up within it. The function of the venting transom is to release the steam at the closure of your steam shower or even during the shower so that the cabin could be ventilated.

What is a Steam shower?


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