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What is a Steam shower?
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Steam showers are plain ordinary showers that have distinct functions.  First off, the shower area is sealed off so that no humidity can escape from it as soon as the door to the stall is closed.  It then has the ability to produce and contain steam in the cabin.  This steam can be created whenever one chooses be it just before you take the shower, during the shower or when one is finished taking the shower.  The introduction of steam helps detoxify the body and makes the individual more comfortable.

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How does it work?

Water rushes in to the steam generator at first.    Inside the steam generator, the cold water is then warmed to water's boiling point.  Once past the boiling point, the water becomes steam and sifts thru the pipes and into the cabin.  The cabin is equipped with computerized controls inside it letting the individual using the shower to regulate how warm the steam is and how long they would want to have the steam coming into the enclosure. The cabin can also come with additional accessories like aromas coming in with the steam, ambient lighting and even the user's favorite relaxing music.

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What Are A Few Elements To Look For?

The first thing that you have to focus on when looking to get a steam shower is the distribution speed of the unit.   You want to get a product that doesn't take a long time to build up the steam in the steam shower area.  High-end steam showers normally take no more than one minute to build up decent amounts of steam.

You also should try and get a model that comes with remote controls. This will save you all the stress of having to rise from your cozy position just to go and change the steam settings like duration and temperature.

Check that you have a system that comes with auto-flush. This feature automatically gets rid of any accumulating calcium that deposits itself on the heating areas.  Those that do not have this option have to flush out all these build up after a particular number of uses.

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How Much Does the Steam Shower Set me Back?

When you have already acquired a steam generator and paid professionals for its assembly, you will have used just about $2,500.  This is just the floor price. If you wish to go further and include things like mood lighting, a not so complex sound system and a mechanical device that emits various aromas into the cabin, you are looking at coughing up another $1,800. Customizing the kind of tile steam proofing that you want in the cabin will depend on your preferences. Overall, if you want to make a dream steam shower that provides you the entire spa encounter, you must spend about $5,000.


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